Port Stephens – Fresh 5Wk Drum Course

Hi Tribe!

The Port Stephens Tribe resets for another epic round of drumming next week (Nov 22nd). This time it’s only 5 awesome weeks of power packed rhythms (and there will be market performances too). Get on board and find your rhythm or deepen your journey now. Powerful, primal, but not exclusive to those with dreadlocks!

Did you know that our average class member is female between the ages of 35 and 70? In that demographic? Great! Come join us. If not! Come and create some diversity, never too old, too young or too inexperienced.

Rego online here: www.earthenrhythms.org/product/african-drumming-port-stephens-class/

More info here: http://www.earthenrhythms.org/african-drumming-classes/adults/

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