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Register here for a weekend full of handcrafted goodness. Over two days you’ll craft your very own authentic African Djembe Drum.

Range and Pricing

We have a range of drums to choose from:

  • ¬†10 inch Ghana – Starter – Great for kids or if you’re not a serious drummer. Lightweight, beautiful and easy to carry. From $250
  • 13 inch Ghana Djembe – Recommended smallest size for any adult. Handcrafted, Twenboa timber from West Africa. Tribal designs. From $465
  • 13 Inch Kente Ghana Djembe – Best Seller – and recommended best size for any adult. This drum is similar in size and shape to a standard Ghana 13 inch drum, but with a beautifully inlay-ed tradition cloth making the djembe pop! *depending on choice. Kente Cloth and some design variants are extra between $20 and $30 more. From $485
  • 13 Inch – Top End – Hardwood Djembe from West Africa – Prices range from $650. Top Quality, master series drums that are ready to lead the drum circle and are a true work of art, with finely finished hand carving from Guinea, Mali and Senegal.

Need A Bag?

Protect your new drum with one of our brightly coloured cloth or top-quality canvas bags.


Please see our FAQs we appreciate cancellations being made within 2 weeks of the workshop date. If possible we will reschedule your booking if you cannot make the workshop date.

For more info on the Drum Making Workshops click here.

For any questions  please call 0407 177 564 or email africandrumance@gmail.com


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Drum Bag

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