Drum Circle Facilitation – One Day Intro – 9am-4pm Sat 15th June – One Week to Go!

The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation – Arthur Hull – Chief Rhythm Elf – Village Music Circles

So looking forward to hosting the DCF One Day Intro next Saturday with the awesome Simon Faulkner. It’s a special treat to have Simon in town.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to dip your toe into the waters of music facilitation skills as taught by the legendary Arthur Hull.

If you’re thinking, ‘one day?’ how can I learn all there is to know? This one day intro is designed to give you an insight. We will also be having a follow up 3 day training in Byron Bay hinterland in September. And I also hold regular weekly workshops in drumming here in Newcastle. So there’s a whole range of ways you can continue your rhythm journey.

This One Day Intro will also be great for those who work with preschools, schools or special needs or have trained in the DRUMBEAT program. Get reenergised, refocused and reinspired to teach awesomely uplifting rhythm events.

There’s so many reasons to drum and use rhythm. It’s like mindfulness in action, but so much more.

Drumming is good for your BODY, MIND and SOUL. Whether you’re young or young at heart. If you’re able or less able we’ve seen the results.

Positive psychological effects, elevated brain and social functioning include:

  • Boosted confidence,
  • Participant connection,
  • Enhance social skills,
  • Social inclusion
  • Improved motor-skills & coordination (eg for stroke rehab)
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Endorphin and dopamine elevation
  • Stress relief
  • Improvisation skills
  • Group unity
  • It’s just plain fun!

In my next post I’ll share our health and wellbeing link on our website. See you soon! Benjie

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