Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Hi Funky Drummers!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the above meme was true?

As you all know, I recently went to the States for a series of training and workshops.

I was advised it was still safe to travel at that time to the States, but despite that, I wore a face mask in the airports and on the planes, and was very conscious of hand hygiene throughout the trip. However, given the current Pandemic climate, I decided to err on the side of caution and get tested at the COVID-19 clinic up at JHH on Sunday, as I had woken up with mild cold/flu-like symptoms. I have been directed by them to isolate for 48 hours until I get the results. I do not have a result yet.  

Let me assure you all, that your health and wellness is of paramount importance. While the chances of a positive test are low, I have decided to voluntarily isolate this week (as I still haven’t heard back from them), as a matter of precaution. Furthermore, to eliminate any possible risk to people’s health I will postpone this week’s classes (Jim’s and mine). Classes will recommence from the 23rd March (all classes missed will be credited towards another class).  

Extra precautions will be put in place:

* Please “sanitise-in and out” of class; or even better, wash hands for 20secs.
* If you have your own drum, please bring that one instead.
* Hire-drums will be sanitised before and after handling.
* Surfaces will be kept sanitised
* High-touch areas such as gates and doors will be sanitised frequently.
* If you do need to sneeze or cough, please do into the hook of your elbow and not your hand.
* Dispose of snotty tissues, or take them with you.
* If any of you have any symptoms, even if mild, please stay at home and we will see you at a class after isolation.
* Also, if you are Immuno-compromised, or “at risk”, we ask that you also stay at home for the time being.
* We will be relaxing our cancellation policy and all missed classes, due to this crisis, will be credited to your account to use at a later date.

This is a worrying time for everyone, both health-wise and economically. I am keeping a close eye on advice from the WHO, Government directives, and also the Department of Education and will keep you all in the loop as soon as I get any results, and as this situation develops.

Of course our community’s health is the most important of all, but please continue to support us small businesses at this time, as the Arts is already taking a big hit here and around the globe. Moving forward, I will be looking into the possibility of some online classes and live stream, over the coming weeks and months, so we can all keep our spirits up and bang out some stress-relieving rhythms!!! Remember: Getting back to nature (by yourself!), sunlight, laughter, drumming and having fun is a great immunity booster!! 🕺🏻🤸‍♀️ 🌞🎶🥁

Stay safe, wash your hands 🤗 and I hope you all found some toilet paper! 🤙

Cheers, Benjie, Jim and The Earthen Rhythms Team.


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