9 Weeks of Online Drumming Awesomeness – Term 4 – Wed 6pm 2020 w/ Benjie

African Drumming Online
African Drumming Online

Term 4 – Nine Week Beginners and Intermediate Drumming Course – Now ONLINE

Wednesday Nights – 6.00pm to 7.30pm.  (address given out upon registration)
Are you ready to find your rhythm in 2020? This is an in depth, awesome drumming class that allows you to find your rhythm and then experience the power and magic that can happen in a drumming circle. We integrate the ancient art of the djembe drum and draw out the positive elements of primal drumming to elevate your wellbeing. Come for fun or come for health or join learn the fundamentals of music.
Professional, inclusive and super fun, even for the those who think they have no rhythm at all, will flourish in this class.
We have over 20 years of experience in leading classes that that you’ll find uplifting, joyous, fun and inclusive. We’ve trained with some of the best West African Drummers in the World and global Rhythm Facilitators. For more info click here.
Join the tribe, find your rhythm, share your spirit and set yourself free!
What you’ll experience:
– Elevated serotonin levels
– Improved wellbeing
– Increased confidence
– Fun social activities
– Improved hand eye coordination
– Musical creativity
– Improved rhythm and music ability
– Ability to hold rhythm, tempo and use fundamental
– Connection
– Cultural stories and history
All our classes are supported by free access to our Youtube Channel and there will be opportunities to perform at local public events such as the Olive Tree Markets.
Drum Hire.
Don’t have a drum? Hire one of ours when you register for just over $3 per week.
Testimonials – What People Say:
“Wow, wow, wow. Just home from a Drumming class.
I’d have to say that Benjie is the most genuine, patient and enlightened individual I’ve met in a long time. I think it’s fair to say that I’m the worst and most ‘unco’ drummer he has had to date, yet he was patient and offered genuine support.
If you’re looking for something fun, inclusive and different, give it a go. You won’t be sorry. “
– Vicki Childs
“Never felt so empowered and enthused what an inspiring soul. Can’t recommend this enough. Everyone should have a shot at finding the beat”
– Lisette Denise