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Explosive African Drumming Experiences

Why use Group Drumming?

Businesses ask Earthen Rhythms to bring musical vibrancy to their workplace in the following ways:

  • Energisers
  • Christmas Parties
  • Retreats
  • Social Functions
  • Team Building
  • Wellness and Stress Relief
  • Milestone Celebrations

Inject New Life Into Your Office or Team!

Connect, unite and inspire everyone in your business with the primal power of group drumming!

From the moment that you walk into the room and the bass beat hits you. You’re senses ignite.

See, feel and join the vibrant rhythm and be transported to another world! It’s a world of fun, excitement and connection. Watch as your team creates the rhythm and transforms from suited professionals to a fun, loving, engaged tribe of rhythm makers!

You’ll be in the professional hands of renowned drummers and rhythm facilitators, experienced at delivering excellent rhythm experiences every time.

Custom Experiences.
Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Do you want to focus on uplift? Yes!

Or a focus on connection and unity? Yes!

Perhaps, a focus on wellbeing and social interaction?Yes!

Collaboration? Yes!

Leave your team energised and uplifted, engaged and renewed, connected and unified. All within an hour of dynamic primal group drumming.



“Excellent, energizing workshop today with Earthen Rhythms. We’ve been looking or the right activity to revitalize the team and drumming was perfect.  It brought everyone into the moment in a fun and uplifting way”.

–  Chau Duncan  – Executive Manager CFS CommBank Gold Coast

“Talk about creating a bash to remember! Earthen Rhythms came onto the stage with a bang and set the tone for our event with a powerful, emotive and exciting performance that certainly got everyone’s attention. If you’re looking for a creative, innovative and thrilling addition to your event program, we would highly recommend Benjie and his drummers.” 

– Danielle Morris, Morris Walker Pty Limited (acting on behalf of the Australian Taxation Office).



Explosive Band Performances: Explosive short performance with the Earthen Rhythms African Drumming Band.

What: High energy African Drumming that will excite the crowd. Kick start and event, or just spice things up after lunch before the conference recommences. 2 to 5 performers. Roving or on stage. Create a Carnivale in your workplace! What office doesn’t need a conga line mid-conference?!

Duration: 10 minutes to 30 minutes

Group size: N/A

Optional: Want audience engagement and participation? We can include everyone with some body percussion, traditional songs or African dance.


Rhythm Stix 101 – Energy charged clapping stick workshop to the beat of the bass drum!

What: A quick icebreaker or great for initiating dialogue in the workplace between colleges. Staff will be disarmed when they are given fun rhythm games to particpate in while interacting with workmates. They create the rhythm, move (dance) around the room and pause the beats to engage verbally with co-workers. We start with questions that are superficial then continue to go deep as the rhythm continues.

Duration: 10 – 30 minutes

Group size: 10 – 200+

Optional: Activity can be supported by the Band to give a huge sound and presence to the event.

African Drumming – High energy group drumming experience that will transform your office!

What: Experience the primal power of the djembe drum as its best! Feel the beat, join the rhythm, hear the song, connect to the tribe! This is a vibrant drumming workshop where everyone gets a drum and plays their part in the rhythm. This experience has transformed many office spaces into an all in fun, safe space for the team to play together.

See the excitement on their faces as the tempo increases, feel the rush of blood as the drumroll crescendos into a frenzy and the bass beat booms out is magic.

Great for team bonding, connecting, uniting and creating wellbeing within. Bring them together through the epic experience of rhythm.

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Group size: 10 – 100+

Optional: Activity can be supported by the Band to give a huge sound and presence to the event.


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