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Drumming to be Healthy & Happy!

The primal power of the drum is undeniable. Have you experienced it? We’ve experienced it, and now science is backing what we’ve known for a long time…

Drumming is good for you!

Drumming is good for your BODY, MIND and SOUL. Whether you’re young or young at heart. If you’re able or less able we’ve seen the results; confidence boosting, connection creation, enhanced social skills, improved self-esteem and it’s just plain fun!

Barry Bittman, MD, a researcher and neurologist, is head of the Mind-Body Wellness Centre, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. His research has shown that certain group drumming protocols can positively affect the immune system in your body. He has broken the AMA ‘sound barrier’ by proving that drumming can have a measurable, reproducible, positive impact on many aspects of biology, psychology and social interaction. 
– Arthur Hull

See what all the fuss is about and why the ancient power of the drum is proving to be a modern day medicine.

Drumming is great for everyday adults or those with a disability….everyone benefits from uplifting rhythms. Our drumming workshops can be tailored for all abilities.

Drumming Benefits – Social Inclusion and Personal Empowerment

With our COMMUNITY workshops we’re here to help unleash human potential with hour-long shots of infectious drumming.


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Drumming Benefits – Youth At Risk

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– Barry Bittman, MD – Head of the Mind-Body Wellness Centre – Pennsylvania


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