Drum Making

Always wanted to make your own drum? Here’s your opportunity!

Learn the art of djembe making with the best quality djembes. Discover how they are crafted and what it takes get a great sound.

Village Drum Making is in my backyard over two beautiful two days. It’ll be relaxed and think of a little village tribe making craft…that’s how it’ll be. Included FREE is  a little private session during the weekend. We’ll focus on techniques and sharing insights into the art of the djembe. We also include  a 1 on 1 follow up session. So we can tighten the drum and I can help you any specific support you might need for drum making or playing.

Next Two Day Workshop:
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Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW

1 x beautiful, personalised, full-size, high quality djembe of your choice.
2 day Village drum making session with light refreshments & snacks 1 x Village Drum Circle – Small group of 4-6ppl
1 x One on One Djembe Lesson and Drum Care Session.

From $550 +/- depending on your choice of drum shell and accessories. Optional extra accessories include:

  •  Synthetic drum skin – From $70
  • Bags – from $60

Maximum Number of People:


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To book an event please contact Benjie
on africandrumdance@gmail.com or
0407 177 564