Olive Tree Markets – 6th April

Meet 10.30am for 11am start.

Run Sheet
11am – Band – 15mins of Performance
11.15am – Student Performance – Students join Performance
11.35am – All in facilitated Drum Circle (craziness begins
12 noon – End the Fun & Pack up

12.30pm LUNCH.

Port Stephens – Fresh 5Wk Drum Course

Hi Tribe!

The Port Stephens Tribe resets for another epic round of drumming next week (Nov 22nd). This time it’s only 5 awesome weeks of power packed rhythms (and there will be market performances too). Get on board and find your rhythm or deepen your journey now. Powerful, primal, but not exclusive to those with dreadlocks!

Did you know that our average class member is female between the ages of 35 and 70? In that demographic? Great! Come join us. If not! Come and create some diversity, never too old, too young or too inexperienced.

Rego online here: www.earthenrhythms.org/product/african-drumming-port-stephens-class/

More info here: http://www.earthenrhythms.org/african-drumming-classes/adults/

6 Drums to Xmas



We’re now on the count down to Xmas! There’s only 6 weeks left and that’s the perfect amount of time to lead up to the silly season with a drum course. Wednesday the 14th will see the last 6 week class begin with Benjie  and see out the year. We’re open for beginners to find their rhythm and those with some skill to deepen their understanding of the djembe and develop their techniques for better playing.

Keep an eye for what else is happening, because the schedule is full and the calendar will soon be updated.

Here’s the link and the details:


Now located in Waratah

6 Week Drumming Class starts Wednesday November 14th 2018

Weekly Wednesday Evening Adults 6pm to 7.30pm
(Beginners & Intermediate Combined)

Welcome to our latest news and discussion topics

Hi Tribe and those that love rhythm.

Welcome to our News and Blog page.

We have added this blog so you this can be a space where you find out our latest updates directly. Social media networks such as facebook are so easy for most of us to use, yet not everyone likes them. This is a space where we can engage directly without third parties.

We plan to release important information and updates on this page first, so please bookmark this page and keep it accessible.

If events are created or cancelled, if we have an important class update, or if we want to add some news on the latest research into rhythm and wellness, we will add it here…

In a dynamic world where things change often, we need a space that is able to keep up…

Looking forward to playing a rhythm or two with you soon!  🙂