“Bring your rhythm to life!”

Do you want to find your rhythm?

Or are you here  to find an unforgettable experience for your work colleagues? Or for your friends or family?

Do have you what it takes to be in rhythm?

Never been part of a Drum Circle before, but have seen it and had that urge to just get in there and beat the drum?

Have you got passion, but just don’t have a good way to let it out?

We’ve got you covered! We teach rhythm in a safe, upbeat and easy way. We will have you, your team or your friends, playing in unison in no time at all.

Inhibitions will just fall away, as you become part of the drum tribe. Let go, be in the moment and create an unforgettable experience!

Welcome. You’re one step closer to finding your Rhythm.



Here at Earthen Rhythms we live, breathe, play & love rhythm.

We hope to share experiences with you soon. If you are already involved in one of many activities, we hope you find what you a looking for in our new website. Let us know if something is missing or hard to find.

We offer a range of services, so please, look around, review rhythms, see what’s coming up with our shows and workshops, shop and find links to the West African Community in Newcastle, NSW and around the Earth.

Earthen Rhythms Overview

We love Drum, Dance & Rhythm! We provide FULLY INTERACTIVE RHYTHM EVENTS for 10 to 1000+ people. Our largest audience has been to 45,000.

Here’s a quick summary of what we do – Drum & Dance Classes, Workshops and Performances for:

  • Special Events – eg Australia Day Entertainment, NYE, Surfest, Run Newcastle, Mattara, and many more

For any occasion that you’d like to be upbeat and unforgettable, get in touch.

For all bookings please contact us:

(e) africandrumdance@gmail.com
(m) 0407 177 564

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Benjie

    Was just speaking with your student Janita Klein about you. I’d love to talk to you sometime about what you do, as there could be a nice sync with my new business Creative Ingredient (current website http://www.creativeingredient.com.au is just a first phase – about to be developed further with my team of project managers and a cultural/creative talent directory. We’re all pretty passionate about community and the environment and so underpinning this in all that we do.

    I imagine you’re pretty busy with end of year performance gigs, but would love to have a chat over a cuppa when you are free. I live in Tighes Hill too (on the corner of William and Elizabeth St – same place as the acupuncture clinic, that’s my partner’s).

    Megan (0412 412 589)

  2. Hey Benji,
    Unfortunately the group coming on Friday night don’t think they’ll all get here in time for drumming with you.
    Not to worry, it will happen. There are a few people in the neighbourhood keen to give it a trial run too. So,when the timing is right and I have the numbers I’ll be in touch!
    Many thanks 🙏

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